Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
151 4,539,500 Commutator motor and improved brush construction for use in portable machine tools
152 4,533,823 Coding systems for elements of machine tools, particularly of the numerically controlled type
153 4,523,632 Cooling system of rotary fluid pressure cylinder for chucking in machine tools
154 4,503,725 Bracing device for machine tools
155 4,493,041 Method and apparatus for determining the working range of a double-acting clamping cylinder for actuating chucking devices on machine tools
156 4,478,009 Automatic control system for machine tools
157 4,471,529 Measuring head for measuring equipment, multi-coordinate measuring instruments, and machine tools
158 4,456,960 Method and device for detecting tool abnormality in machine tools
159 4,446,408 Control circuit for machine tools
160 4,445,182 Method of control of NC machine tools
161 4,444,061 Force and torque sensor for machine tools
162 4,442,725 Shock absorbing apparatus for travelling a table or tool rest in machine tools
163 4,442,576 Tool cooling device for machine tools
164 4,433,383 Installation comprising a plurality of numerically controlled machine tools
165 4,419,806 Tool changing device on machine tools, particularly on horizontal boring and milling machines
166 4,404,729 Multi-spindle machine tools
167 RE31,247 Diagnostic communications system for computer controlled machine tools
168 4,379,667 Chuck for machine tools
169 4,361,836 Safety device at remote control of hydraulic or pneumatic machine tools
170 4,360,878 Method for the library storage of a workpiece program for numerically controlled machine tools
171 4,360,807 Device for remote control of hydraulic or pneumatic machine tools
172 4,355,390 Method for checking data written into buffered write-read memories in numerically controlled machine tools
173 4,354,305 Contouring and threading attachment for multi-function machine tools
174 4,354,251 Device for testing programs for numerical control of machine tools
175 4,339,962 Switching device for variable speed gears in machine tools
176 4,339,749 Abnormal condition sensing monitor system for use with machine tools
177 4,337,385 Orbital tool support system for EDM machines and other machine tools
178 4,335,633 Tailstock for machine tools, in particular lathes or the like with electric actuator having a monitored thrust
179 4,334,362 Bidimensional tracer of machine tools or measuring machines
180 4,331,020 Dimension indicator for sheet-metal folding or shearing machine tools
181 4,319,103 Protective encasement for machine tools
182 4,317,394 Arrangement for loading and unloading workpieces of machine tools
183 4,302,144 Work changing mechanism for machine tools
184 4,301,581 Method and apparatus for the production of turned workpieces on multi-station machine tools
185 4,295,146 Device for moving automatic drawing machine tools
186 4,268,786 Position pickup for numerically controlled machine tools
187 4,260,307 Work table for machine tools
188 4,251,957 Workpiece transfer apparatus for a plurality of machine tools
189 4,237,598 Manufacturing processes using machine tools
190 4,209,910 Auxiliary device for vertical turning and boring machine tools
191 4,168,464 Set point sensing system for numerically controlled machine tools
192 4,151,759 Indexing table, in particular a turret head, for machine tools
193 4,122,379 Analogue control device for abutment-free stroke limitation of machine tools
194 4,117,762 Machine tools with sliding tool-holding ram
195 4,105,899 Safety mat switch for machine tools and their like
196 4,100,597 Computer controlled distribution apparatus for distributing transactions to and from controlled machine tools having means independent of the computer for completing or stopping a tool function initiated by a computer transaction
197 4,096,384 Position transducer for machine tools and measuring machines
198 4,090,240 Method and aid for preparing NC control programs for machine tools
199 4,078,195 Adaptive control system for numerically controlled machine tools
200 4,073,215 Sub plate assembly for machine tools
1 Device for receiving and separating chips created by machine-tools and coolant (sealant)
2 Device for and method of preventing accidents in hand-operated machine tools due to tool jamming
3 Feedback controller for NC controlled machine tools
4 Commutator motor and improved brush construction for use in portable machine tools
5 Graphite fiber reinforced structure for supporting machine tools

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