Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
51 5,914,882 Device for and method of preventing accidents in hand-operated machine tools due to tool jamming
52 5,904,346 Device for finely adjusting stop members, locating bolts, fitting pieces and the like on chucking devices, particularly for measuring machines and machine tools
53 5,900,938 Laser measurement system for rapid calibration of machine tools
54 5,860,776 Main spindle device for machine tools
55 5,855,517 Releasable coupling for machine tools
56 5,841,668 Method of assessing three dimensional volumetric errors in multiaxis machine tools
57 5,833,522 Machining spindle apparatus having a hydrostatic bearing for machine tools
58 5,816,585 Chuck element for machine tools with rotating jaw chuck
59 5,813,283 Vertical/horizontal spindle head for machine tools
60 5,807,037 Tool head for machine-tools
61 5,806,962 Flashlight reflector which projects an uniformly illuminated adjustable beam and can be fabricated using conventional machine tools
62 5,783,887 Magnetic bearing spindle device for machine tools
63 5,782,586 Spindle unit for machine tools
64 5,772,564 Magnetic bearing spindle device for machine tools
65 5,768,757 Tool turret for machine tools
66 5,752,706 Adjustable tool holder for machine tools
67 5,727,912 Controller for CNC-operated machine tools
68 5,720,090 Machining apparatus with modular machine tools
69 5,697,740 Chucking fixture for connecting a tool head and a tool holder to machine tools
70 5,695,305 Feed device for machine tools, in particular for finishing screwdriver bits
71 5,691,909 Method of virtual machining to predict the accuracy of part to be made with machine tools
72 5,666,010 Safety system for machine tools
73 5,656,905 Multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms for machine tools and the like
74 5,655,422 Tool head for use in machine tools
75 5,604,677 Control of CNC machine tools
76 5,594,306 Electric motor for portable machine tools
77 5,584,648 Bar guide device for bar feeders in machine tools
78 5,490,665 Pivotable stop for machine tools
79 5,471,395 Control of CNC machine tools
80 5,470,181 Safety device for machine tools
81 5,455,400 Machining tank with a mobile part giving a free access to the machine area of machine tools
82 5,444,640 Numerical control method for controlling various kinds of machine tools by correcting for thermal displacement
83 5,421,787 Operator interactive control of speed and torque in machine tools
84 5,391,026 Spindle for vertical-horizontal machine tools
85 5,385,436 Indexed operating head for automatic machine tools
86 5,372,357 Work-supporting deck for use in machine tools, particularly in cutting machines
87 5,366,334 Loading device for sequential loading of bars in machine tools
88 5,340,130 Polyvalent clamp chuck for machine tools
89 5,318,396 Pallet carrier for machine tools
90 5,310,264 Method for improving the transient thermal properties of air-lubricated hydrostatic bearings for the main spindles of precision machine tools
91 5,286,146 Operating head for automatic machine tools with chuck support angular locking devices
92 5,257,883 Operating head for automatic machine tools
93 5,251,511 Tool head for use in machine tools
94 5,228,813 Tool for use in machine tools
95 5,195,227 Quick change mounting system for machine tools
96 5,190,273 Pallet with adjustable anchorage system for equipping the clamping fixture of a rough piece to be machined with machine tools
97 5,187,341 Method of reducing the wear of the electrode in machine tools using electro-erosion
98 5,142,766 Tool exchanger for programmed-controlled machine tools
99 5,140,878 Bar-pusher actuation device for bar feeders applied to machine tools
100 5,130,625 Control unit for program controlled machine tools
1 Device for receiving and separating chips created by machine-tools and coolant (sealant)
2 Device for and method of preventing accidents in hand-operated machine tools due to tool jamming
3 Feedback controller for NC controlled machine tools
4 Commutator motor and improved brush construction for use in portable machine tools
5 Graphite fiber reinforced structure for supporting machine tools

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