Machine Tools

PAT. NO. Title
101 5,105,135 Feedback controller for NC controlled machine tools
102 5,103,090 Optical angle measuring method and apparatus particularly for machine tools using polygons with light reflecting facets
103 5,099,980 Pallet exchanger for machine tools
104 5,096,345 Balanceable holder for machine tools
105 5,093,973 Tool turret for machine tools
106 5,090,489 Machining unit for machine tools, in particular for machine tools with several machining stations
107 5,058,466 Device for inserting polygonal and shaped bars in the collet of a chuck of machine tools
108 5,056,971 Operating head chuck unit for automatic machine tools
109 4,991,762 Bar guiding device for bar feeders of machine tools
110 4,977,801 Multiple-channel guiding device for bar-loaders of automatic machine tools
111 4,946,612 Lubricating oil composition for sliding surface and for metallic working and method for lubrication of machine tools using said composition
112 4,946,149 Programmable bed for machine tools and the like
113 4,926,709 Motion transmitting systems for machinery & machine tools
114 4,926,493 Bearing system for high speed spindles of machine tools
115 4,921,375 Antiscattering device for the collection of waste material produced in the course of drilling, milling and similar operations, to be fitted on the relevant machine tools
116 4,920,632 Auxiliary magazine for electronically-driven machine tools
117 4,918,364 Method for controlling noise and vibration of machine tools with high efficiency
118 4,904,131 Chuck head for automatic machine tools
119 4,899,594 Device for measuring the cutting forces on machine tools
120 4,880,218 Programmable bed for machine tools and the like
121 4,866,835 Storage and transportation unit for machine tools
122 4,866,360 Cutting process control system for CNC metal cutting machine tools
123 4,838,135 Work transport for machine tools
124 4,820,087 Tap drive unit for machine tools
125 RE32,837 Coding systems for elements of machine tools, particularly of the numerically controlled type
126 4,796,652 Pressure regulator for hydraulically controlled machine tools
127 4,787,614 Workholder for machine tools
128 4,766,330 Switching equipment for numerical controlled machine tools
129 4,721,012 Power transmission for machine tools
130 4,718,175 Device for mechanical checking for toolbreakage in machine tools
131 4,708,547 Safety tool-holder for machine-tools
132 4,703,587 Method and relevant apparatus for controlling machine tools
133 4,696,513 Chucking device for machine tools
134 4,657,455 Concrete machine tools
135 4,643,591 Adjustable guide for relatively moveable parts, particularly of machine tools
136 4,635,329 Tool holder assembly for machine tools
137 4,628,608 Guide device for hand-held machine tools
138 4,627,773 Right angle spindle for machine tools
139 4,622,194 Process for forming concrete machine tools
140 4,620,824 High-speed driving adapter for boring, milling and similar machine tools
141 4,620,435 Deflection compensating assembly for fabricating machine tools
142 4,596,162 Protective covering for structural components of machine tools
143 4,595,851 Commutator motor and improved brush construction for use in portable machine tools
144 4,591,306 Peripheral device for machine tools
145 4,571,686 Track monitoring system for a cutter tip of a tool post in machine tools
146 4,566,169 Set of parts for building small machine tools
147 4,560,310 Tool holder for boring, milling and the like machine tools
148 4,555,857 Method and device for the accurate setting of machine tools
149 4,541,762 Apparatus for loading and/or unloading machine tools or the like
150 4,541,315 Inside chuck device for machine tools
1 Device for receiving and separating chips created by machine-tools and coolant (sealant)
2 Device for and method of preventing accidents in hand-operated machine tools due to tool jamming
3 Feedback controller for NC controlled machine tools
4 Commutator motor and improved brush construction for use in portable machine tools
5 Graphite fiber reinforced structure for supporting machine tools

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